CloneZilla instead of Partimage

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Until now I have been creating partition images with Partimage, which has never failed. Another very popular tool nowadays is CloneZilla. This software, which happens to include partimage among various other utilities, has wider filesystem support and a better set of features – taking/restoring backups across the network is supported. The fact that this is an active project is one of the major reasons alone for switching to this software for creating partition or entire hard disk backups. Apart from the official Clonezilla Live CD (probably the most up to date), there must be several live CDs that are built around CloneZilla, but here are two of them on which I have recently stumbled upon:

  • GParted-CloneZilla Live CD – This project by LarryT combines the gparted hard disk partitioning tool with CloneZilla.
  • Clonezilla-SysRescCD – This is another excellent combination of tools made by Spiros Georgaras. This liveCD combines the system repair and data recovery collection of tools of the SysRescCD with CloneZilla.

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