Add-Meta-Tags and WordPress 2.3

It has been brought to my attention that the current version of the Add-Meta-Tags plugin does not work with WordPress 2.3. All WordPress publishers who use Add-Meta-Tags and have upgraded WP to v2.3, please read this forum post for a temporary fix until I find the time to update the plugin’s code. All credit goes to Rick.

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2 responses on “Add-Meta-Tags and WordPress 2.3

  1. Dario Ghilardi Permalink →

    I’ve just updated your plugin in order to work with wordpress 2.3. Now auto meta tags come from terms table and it don’t get the categories but the tag that you give to the post.
    I use this on my blog, if you need the source please send me an email and I will reply with that script.
    Thanks for your plugin!

  2. George Notaras Post authorPermalink →

    Hi Dario.

    Thanks for your interest. I appreciate it much.

    I have updated the plugin today to version 1.5. It contains various changes and the issue with the new taxonomy system has been fixed.