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Mozilla Thunderbird speed up

Mozilla Thunderbird is of those pieces of software I could say I am a fan of, but since I upgraded from TB3 to TB5 and recently to TB6, I’ve been experiencing various problems with the application’s overall speed and responsiveness. Using Thunderbird almost felt as if it was reading its data from the internet. Working…

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The Read-It-Later extension

I just discovered the Read-It-Later addon for the Firefox browser. This is one of the most fantastic plugins I’ve seen in a while. From what I see, there have been about 4 million downloads already. This means I am too late, but as they say “better late than never“! This extension makes it possible to…

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From Subversion to Mercurial

I’ve been using the Subversion version control system during the last 2-3 years. Although a VCS has never been a top priority for me, it seems there is always room for version control. I ended up using it for almost everything, from simple to more complex scripts and even system configuration files in some cases.…

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Mozilla Thunderbird 3 is out!

Mozilla has announced the general availability of version 3 of its popular open source email & newsgroup client, Thunderbird. Thunderbird has been my desktop email client of choice since its early stable releases, both in Linux and Windows. Actually, the only programs I’ve ever used for email and newsgroup management are Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird…

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Be cautious with Notepad++

I use Microsoft Windows 7 RC on my main desktop computer since June 2009. Since there were no Windows ports of my favorite editors in Linux (gedit on Fedora/CentOS), I decided to use Notepad++, an open-source source code editor and Notepad replacement, which is released as free-software. Soon I noticed signs that the application might…

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delayed-shutdown initscript

delayed-shutdown is an initscript that delays the shutdown (runlevel 0) or reboot (runlevel 6) procedure as long as a pre-defined lock file exists. The goal is to create a mechanism, which can be used by programs that perform critical operations that must not be interrupted, in order to delay system shutdown until these programs have…

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