G-Loaded Journal is a technical blog that publishes news, guides and tutorials about GNU/Linux and other Free Open-Source Software. Our mission is to share our experience and knowledge about system administration, automation and programming in order to make you work more efficiently and be more productive without sacrificing security.

We support the concepts of open access, open standards and open source software.

This blog features a lengthy list of original and quality Howto articles about the administration and maintenance of Linux servers, tips and tricks about the use of open source software on the home or enterprise Desktop, either Linux or Microsoft Windows and, finally, it may feature reviews of technology-related products, services and books.

The G-Loaded Journal sponsors CodeTRAX, a private project hosting service, which hosts various open source software projects, including some quite popular WordPress plugins and other useful utilities.

The following sections contain information about the people behind the G-Loaded Journal and the website’s policy statements and terms of use:

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