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The Read-It-Later extension

I just discovered the Read-It-Later addon for the Firefox browser. This is one of the most fantastic plugins I’ve seen in a while. From what I see, there have been about 4 million downloads already. This means I am too late, but as they say “better late than never“! This extension makes it possible to…

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Adobe Reader 8 for Linux

I don’t know since when Adobe Reader 8 (8.1.1 actually) has become available for the Linux platform, but, as soon as I found out, I downloaded and installed it in the hope that it will improve the overall poor PDF reading experience. To my surprise, the 8th version of Adobe Reader not only looks and…

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Zim – a Desktop Wiki

I came across a very interesting post about Zim. Zim is a wiki-style note taking system for the desktop. Its text editor, being an 100% WYSIWYG wiki text edtor, does not require any knowledge of wiki syntax. One could say that Zim is a more advanced and feature-rich implementation of Tomboy. Notes can be organized…

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