Licensing Information

This page contains general information about the licenses under which content, media and source code are released. You should follow the links to the full legal documents.

Please, read the definitions page before continuing.

License – Terms and Conditions

All Works published by the Web Site are accompanied by a block of text indicating the License under the terms of which they are released.

Regarding text, images, audio and video, if such a text block is missing, the following license is implied:

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License

Here is the full Legal Code of the aforementioned license.

Regarding source code, unless otherwise expressly stated, all source code snippets are released under the Apache License version 2.

Please read the legal documents thoroughly before using any Works published by the G-Loaded Journal.


The author retains full copyright of all published content, unless an article, excerpt or code snippet is attributed to another author.

Attribution Guidelines

This section explains how you should attribute the Work in case you reuse it.

In case you republish content or media, you should attribute the work to the original article author using English language and include one HTML hyperlink to the original page on that contains the full version of the work. The attribution text should follow the scheme:

<derivative work> by <you> is based on <original work> by <original author> and is released under the terms of the <original license>

<original work> should be a HTML hyperlink to the original page on that contains the full version of the work and <original author> should be a HTML hyperlink to our homepage ( The author hyperlink is optional.

The hyperlinks must not be hidden or invisible, either by a bad color scheme or by a small font size.