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Personal thoughts or web site news and announcements

Maintenance time

It’s been several years since the last time I did any maintenance work on the web site. Time permitting during the following weeks I intend to check the published tutorials for outdated information, possibly remove posts that are not about technical things, clean up a non-WordPress directory containing various scripts and RPM SPEC files I…

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Back to blogging

Well, it’s been a while since my last post and I think it’s about time I started posting some new stuff here. During all these months I spent my free time οn various things. As far as tech is concerned I mostly spent time on Linux servers and a little bit on software development. Digging…

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My Music

Most people nowadays, including me, maintain MP3 collections. These collections may contain songs that have been ripped from CDs, LPs, cassettes (I’ve done it!) they or their friends own or that have been downloaded from the internet. During the last months, considering the constant growth of those MP3 collections and realizing that many of the…

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Play Ogg supports the Play Ogg campaign, launched by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It is good when an organization honors its role by launching useful campaigns. Read more about the OGG format.

First entry

So, this is how it’s gonna be…My FC4 related web site is still under construction due to lack of free time. I have all my notes ready, but the guides need more work. So, I decided to start a blog about Fedora Core. I ‘ve chosen WordPress as my blogging system and I feel that…

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