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Next time, come prepared

I had no idea that at the time I was adding a mailing-list manager in the list of software that constitute the infrastructure of the CodeTRAX facility, I also added a factor that would cause serious delay in the preparation of the whole project. But, mailing lists are a mandatory feature of the facility’s notification…

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When it comes to error messages…

This post is both a tip about vsftpd‘s configuration and an example of what an error message should not look like. If you use vsftpd’s user_config_dir directive in order to set a directory that will hold configuration files for per-user customized server options, be warned that, if one of those files contains a directive whose…

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Watch Videos in ASCII Art

This is an interesting article by O’Reilly Hacks, which provides tips on how to watch a video stream in ASCII art. From the article: Good ASCII art can take time and talent to look just right, but you can skip through that effort with AAlib, a library devoted to converting any image into an ASCII…

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Transifex – How to make progress

Taken from the project homepage: Transifex is a web-system that facilitates the process of submitting translations in various source control management systems (SCMs). This project caught my attention right after I read its description, so I would like to write a few words as a non-computer-scientist to its lead developer:

High traffic on the email server

I don’t know if 260000+ rejected attempts to relay email through an email server within a week should be considered an attack or just a considerable amount of bad traffic, but for my small server with the limited bandwidth this was an incident that I wouldn’t like to face on a regular basis. This article…

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Some thoughts about Epiphany extensions

Many GNOME users have not realized that the Epiphany browser, apart from the official extensions package, can be further extended by third party extensions, which haven’t made their way into the official package yet. A good place to start checking what else is available for your favourite browser is the Third Party Extensions for Epiphany…

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Smart Bookmarks in Epiphany

Smart Bookmarks is an extension for the Epiphany browser. Admitedly, its name or description in the browser extensions panel does not help the user understand what exactly it is about. What is a smart bookmark after all?