Announcement: Add-Meta-Tags v1.5 for WordPress

After some months of inactivity, a new version of the Add-Meta-Tags plugin for WordPress has been released today. Version 1.5 contains the following additions/changes:

  1. The license under which the plugin is released has changed. The Add-Meta-Tags plugin is now released under the terms of an Apache License version 2. This change is directly related to the development of the plugin and end users should not worry about anything as the plugin remains free and open-source software.
  2. The plugin packaging has changed. All information about licensing, installation, translations, acknowledgements has been removed from the plugin php file and is shipped in separate files inside the distribution package.
  3. Support for localization. Now the translation of the plugin is very easy using tools like poedit.
  4. Support for the new WordPress v2.3 feature: tags. The automatic creation of the ‘keywords’ metatag includes both the post’s categories amd its tags. This eliminates the need to create a custom field. If you need even more keyword customization, the custom ‘keywords’ field functionality is still there. Note that %cats% and %tags%, if included in the custom ‘keywords’ field, will be translated to the post’s categories and its tags respectively.
  5. Bug Fixed: The new WordPress 2.3 taxonomy system was the cause of an error when the post’s categories were retrieved during the construction of the keywords. This is now fixed, while old WordPress versions are fully supported.
  6. Minor bug fixes.

This is the last version which will be compatible with very old WordPress versions (as 1.5.2). Upcoming releases will support the current WordPress features and internal functions only. This will lead to easier maintenance of the plugin and less issues to address.

Translators are welcome. You are encouraged to translate this plugin and host the translation files somewhere on your websites. Don’t forget to drop me a line with the URL.

A huge thanks to the contributors.

PS: Feel free to republish this announcement if you wish doing so.

Announcement: Add-Meta-Tags v1.5 for WordPress by George Notaras is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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