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My two plugins – extensions – for the Epiphany web browser, Tab-Session-Management and Tab-Links, have been featured on the official Epiphany blog. Thanks Dieguito! ;-) By reading all the entries on the blog, it is quite clear that the people behind this project are very happy to be involved. I assume this is a determinant factor for the project’s future, as it guarantees the constant improvement of the browser’s key features.

For all those who have not tried Epiphany yet, I’d like to say the following:

Using Epiphany is not about reaching the sense of uniqueness by using a less popular browser. It is also nowhere near trying to seem elite. Moreover, you will never manage to impress the ladies by using it…

Epiphany is a tool; a stable, lightweight piece of software, which offers better integration into the GNOME environment than any other browser, the powerful engine of Firefox and some of the most futuristic features that are available among today’s web browsers, for example tagged bookmarks.

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