Use Python to get the web page data in Epiphany

Sometimes, things are not that straightforward as one might think. Yesterday, I spent over two hours on the Epiphany Python Console checking almost all of the available functions in order to find a way to store the displayed page’s HTML data in a variable. Before quitting, I decided to get some help over at the #Epiphany IRC channel. All credit for the following Python code goes to JFR.

So, assuming that a web page is loaded in an epiphany tab, launch the Python Console from within the browser.

We will need the epiphany module, so import it:

import epiphany

Next we assign the active tab and its respective embed to variables:

tab = window.get_active_tab()
embed = tab.get_embed()

And now the critical part of getting the page’s HTML code:

persist = epiphany.ephy_embed_factory_new_object( epiphany.EmbedPersist )
persist.set_flags( epiphany.EMBED_PERSIST_NO_VIEW | epiphany.EMBED_PERSIST_COPY_PAGE )
persist.set_embed( embed )
page = persist.to_string()

Then, you can just print the page code in the console, save it to files or filter it to get the info you want.

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