Awesome AWK Tutorial

My quest for the best AWK tutorial has reached an end. The Texas A&M University has set up a guide, small in size, but with content of high quality, which can help someone that knows the basics of programming to get started quickly. Of course, there are many other free online high quality guides, but this one can be perfectly used as a quick reference. Unfortunately, the author is not stated in that page, so I assume that it’s the result of some excellent team work.

Here are the contents:

  • General structure of awk scripts
  • Elementary awk programming
    • Elementary examples
  • Advanced awk programming
    • Advanced examples
  • Important things which will bite you

Read the full guide here

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    And this is why we need to mirror as well as link. The link is dead, the resource is no longer available or no longer resides at the location pointed to. And it sounded like exactly what I needed.