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PHP Interactive Interpreter

The PHP interpreter supports running it in interactive mode by using the –interactive (short equivalent: -a) command-line switch. Running an interactive PHP shell can be useful when you need to quickly try code snippets. But, for this mode to be fully functional, PHP has to be compiled with readline support. Unfortunately, on CentOS PHP has…

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How to extract RPM or DEB packages

RPM and DEB packages are both containers for other files. An RPM is some sort of cpio archive. On the other hand, a DEB file is a pure ar archive. So, it should be possible to unpack their contents using standard archiving tools, regardless of your distribution’s package format. Under normal conditions, you should use…

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Watch Videos in ASCII Art

This is an interesting article by O’Reilly Hacks, which provides tips on how to watch a video stream in ASCII art. From the article: Good ASCII art can take time and talent to look just right, but you can skip through that effort with AAlib, a library devoted to converting any image into an ASCII…

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Print a Man Page

Reading a man page using a terminal application is easy, but I doubt if it would ever win a convenience award. Sometimes, it is necessary to print the man page. I can recommend two ways of doing this.

chroot Environment Howto

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The Slack World, a Slackware related online magazine has published a very good write-up about how to create a chroot environment. Tom Newsom writes in his article: In this document I shall be showing you how you can run, for testing purposes perhaps, two versions of Slackware simultaneously. Both will be fully fledged installs and…

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