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CD Image Converters

LinuxQuestions.org has set up a wiki page which contains information about utilities that can convert CD images from one format to the other. This compilation will probably be useful to Windows users who occasionally use Linux or have recently migrated to Linux. It is widely known that there are numerous windows utilities that save the…

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TrueCrypt on 2.6.18 kernels

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It seems that there is a problem compiling the Linux version of Truecrypt v4.2a on the 2.6.18 series of kernels. A patch has been posted in the Truecrypt forums (you need to be logged-in to read), but, although this patch resolves the compilation error, there have been reports that the program has problems unmounting the…

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SPEC File Directory

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I started packaging linux software for my Fedora machines from the time I was using Fedora Rawhide (development version) as my primary system. There is no repository that is synced with Rawhide, so there was a huge amount of software I had to compile (mostly multimedia related). This is a very time-consuming task, so I…

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This is a dictionary protocol server implementation written in Python. I decided to write this stuff just to learn Python. The goal is to create a full-featured dictionary server, while making the retrieval of word definitions from any source and in any language easy. The server is usable and acts as a proper UNIX daemon.