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Transifex – How to make progress

Taken from the project homepage: Transifex is a web-system that facilitates the process of submitting translations in various source control management systems (SCMs). This project caught my attention right after I read its description, so I would like to write a few words as a non-computer-scientist to its lead developer:

Application Testing: Zero Free Space

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I should clarify from the beginning that this is not a technical article containing any kind of debugging information – I don’t have the knowledge anyway – or any other type of proof that indicates that some commonly used applications have bugs. This is just about some observations, or better an unofficial user report, of…

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dircproxy IRC Proxy

Yesterday, I wrote about my need to be always connected to an IRC channel in order to keep a log of the chat even when I don’t follow the conversation in real-time. Under the given circumstances and not taking into account the possibility to keep my desktop machine always on, so XChat can log everything,…

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More Data Recovery Tools

I have already mentioned two excellent open source data recovery utilities, TestDisk and PhotoRec, in an older post. Today I came across some others; some lists of other tools actually. I didn’t have the time to try any of them, but here is some info and some useful links to get started with.