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Website Announcements

G-Loaded Feeds

During the last weekend, I made some changes to the website’s feeds. It seems that, after 4 years of blogging, I have finally made up my mind about what is needed and what is unnecessary regarding the syndicated content on G-Loaded.

Project CodeTRAX discontinued

I officially announce that Project CodeTRAX will not be developed any further. This project was an effort to create a hosting platform for multiple software projects using well-established open source software. Although there had been some silent progress in the development of small administrative utilities and software bridges between the various parts of the system,…

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Updated to Fedora 10

Yesterday night, at the moment rTorrent finished downloading the Fedora 10 ISO image, I rushed to burn it to a DVD and perform a clean installation of the operating system. No, I was not that excited about the new features of F10. I just wanted to replace what had been the buggiest desktop I had…

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Documents Need Maintenance too

Things change rapidly in the Open-Source Software scene and, consequently, all support documentation, guides, tutorials etc need to be adapted to the new features of the software as well. I have started going through all the howto articles I’ve written about Linux during the last 3 years and perform regular document maintenance tasks, like checking…

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