Beagle Part II

I have upgraded Beagle to version 0.2.0 and here I post some additional info about the installation. Also, I have uploaded some spec files.

The News

This time Beagle compiled smoothly. It required an updated version of gmime, actually v2.1.19 or newer, so I upgraded it. I also upgraded Mono to version, which also compiled without problems.

The EvolutionDataServer backend still produces problems and the Beagle daemon crashes when it’s enabled. I don’t know if this is due to the old Evolution Data Server version (v1.2) that ships with FC4 or if the evolution-sharp’s support for this version of the server is not complete. The fact is that it does not work, no matter what I have tried. Anyway, this backend can be disabled when you launch the beagled daemon :

# beagled --deny-backend EvolutionDataServer

You should also try launching the daemon with the --replace option, so that it takes over any already running beagled instances.

More info about my installation and what beagle dependencies I have satisfied so far can be read at my post on the Fedora Forums.

UPDATE: I have upgraded my main desktop (!) to Fedora Rawhide. It includes Mono applications, so I guess I won’t be updating those spec files any more. The dependency info inside them was a mess anyway, so they are removed.

The New Interface

Here is a screenshot I took (hosted on Yahoo! Flickr):

Beagle 0.2.0 on FC4

The new search interface is a lot better than the old one. I have encountered some random crashes, but I’m not sure if it’s beagle search‘s fault. But, overall it’s great.

I have read lately that Mono will be included in FC5. I consider this as extremely good news. Until next time…

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2 responses on “Beagle Part II

  1. D Bera Permalink →

    Dude, I read your fedora forum post. Some of the required dependencies that you built are not given in the beagle-webpage as dependent. So, I wonder if you actually need them. They include:

    any of the gecko-sharp stuff … beagle apparently doesnt need gecko anymore
    gtk-sharp-1 : beagle needs gtlk-sharp2 – so I assume it requires gtk-2, but not gtk-1 ?

  2. George Notaras Post authorPermalink →

    100% correct. The dependencies in the spec files are a mess. I guess I was too furious to see the beagle 0.2.0 new interface, so I did not give the required emphasis… Anyway, I have just upgraded to rawhide, which includes mono apps, so my experimentation is over… for now. ;-) Thanks for the comment.