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Monitoring a pipe…

It is sometimes needed that you monitor the progress of data through a pipe. After searching around the net, I finally discovered a little terminal-based utility that does exactly that! It’s called Pipe Viewer or just PV. Here is some quick info on how to use this tool.


Meld is a visual diff tool. I’d say it’s one of the most useful applications I have ever used. You can compare two or three text files or directories at the same time or work with CVS and SVN directories and files. It displays the differences in a very handy and visually attractive way. Supports…

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Have you ever heard of GARNOME? It’s an easy way to install the latest stable or CVS GNOME release without affecting the operating system. For example, a user can download GARNOME and build the whole GNOME desktop with some extra applications.


Gnome-blog-poster works, but there seems to be a bug (or a feature ;-)?): If I select “Self-Run WordPress” as a Blog-Type it always appends “wordpress/xmlrpc.php” at the end of the XML-RPC URL resulting in an error message about the URL being wrong.