Updated to Fedora 10

Yesterday night, at the moment rTorrent finished downloading the Fedora 10 ISO image, I rushed to burn it to a DVD and perform a clean installation of the operating system. No, I was not that excited about the new features of F10. I just wanted to replace what had been the buggiest desktop I had ever used, GNOME 2.22. All I hope for, as far as software is concerned, is that the 2.24.1 version -included in F10- has less bugs. Please, do not get me wrong. I highly respect the hard work and effort of all GNOME and Fedora contributors. It’s just their decision to release unfinished and therefore unreliable software as stable for the sake of the 6-month release-cycle-madness I criticize! Of course, the same goes for Ubuntu. Lately, I’ve been thinking about trying to use CentOS as a desktop operating system. The software it contains might be a bit outdated, but at least it will help me preserve my sanity.

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