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How to change the Timezone

Usually, the only time I make a change to the timezone setting of the operating system is during the installation time. But it may happen that a change to that setting is necessary. There are several ways to do this, but, as usual, there is only one Right Way™ to set the timezone info in…

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Manually Prepare the RPM Building Environment

About three years ago I had posted a general guide on how to create RPM packages. According to that guide the RPM building environment was prepared using the handy utility rpmdev-setuptree (part of the rpmdevtools package in Fedora). This post describes the manual preparation of the RPM building environment.

Fedora Server Edition?

I don’t know if you have noticed it, but the Fedora download page includes the following: “Get Fedora 10 Desktop Edition Now“. Until Fedora 10, there was no “edition” statement. Fedora is a release aiming at desktop computers. Does this title mean that RedHat Inc and the Fedora community plan to release a separate edition…

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Updated to Fedora 10

Yesterday night, at the moment rTorrent finished downloading the Fedora 10 ISO image, I rushed to burn it to a DVD and perform a clean installation of the operating system. No, I was not that excited about the new features of F10. I just wanted to replace what had been the buggiest desktop I had…

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