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As it is known, beagle does not work out-of-the-box in FC6 due to a small bug, which causes the beagle daemon to hang just a few seconds after it is started. So, no desktop-searching is possible at this time, at least until this problem gets fixed. Fortunately, a patched build (0.2.10-7.fc6) has been pushed in the updates-testing repository.

This new version has been there for about 10 days, but due to lack of free time lately, I only noticed it today. After installing it, the beagle daemon no longer hangs and it seems to index my files or query the cached content correctly, so I guess that, if beagle is a mandatory component of your desktop, you should enable the repo and try the new packages (yum update *beagle*). Just keep in mind a couple of things, especially if you have upgraded your system from a previous fedora release:

  • Now, there is an entry in System -> Preferences -> More Preferences -> Sessions -> StartUp Programs which autostarts the beagle daemon whenever you log-in. This seems to always autostart the daemon, regardless of the fact that the setting of starting the daemon is enabled or not in the Search & Indexing settings panel. Also, remove any entries that start the beagle server from your ~/.bash_profile, if any.
  • After you have upgraded beagle from the updates-testing repo, do a logout-login, so that the already hanged server is restarted.
  • After all this, if you want to watch in real-time what beagle is doing, kill the server with beagle-shutdown and start it in the foreground and in debug mode with beagled --fg --debug

The updates-testing repo should not be enabled in your yum configuration all the time. This is where newly updated packages are pushed in order to be tested by some “brave” users. Usually, the packages are ok and they are moved to the updates repository soon, without any further changes.

On the other hand, you might want to wait for a few more days and get the updated build as an official update. The choice is yours…

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