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I started packaging linux software for my Fedora machines from the time I was using Fedora Rawhide (development version) as my primary system. There is no repository that is synced with Rawhide, so there was a huge amount of software I had to compile (mostly multimedia related). This is a very time-consuming task, so I decided to end it. Now, I use Base, Extras and Livna repos for my system updates and I vowed never to use a development distro release as my primary system again (mainly because of lack of free time and performance issues).

Anyway, I still package a bunch of RPMs for my systems. I decided to upload some of the spec files. These are available in this directory. There are many more, but they need a bit of polishing.

Some notes:

  • The nvidia-legacy spec file generates RPMs for the OpenGL libraries and the NVidia Legacy driver (for GF2 for example). These packages do not replace any core Fedora files. The official installation script from NVidia replaces some files and it should not be used.
  • These spec files are completely unsupported. Don’t send me emails about them, unless you find any mistakes in them. For information about building RPMs on Fedora refer to my relevant small article.
  • The spec files are for software that does not exist in the repos mentioned above (except for kernel modules, for which I don’t wish to wait until Livna releases new versions). I haven’t submitted any of them to Extras or Livna because I don’t have the time to update them in time. The files comply with the Fedora packaging guidelines and naming schemes.
  • Dependencies in the alexandria and ruby-related spec files were updated by Leeksoup for FC5. I don’t use this software anymore, so I appreciate it :-)

Packaging is art :-)

Update: The SPEC file were outdated and the directory containing them has been removed.

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