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This BASH script automates the procedure of getting the Fedora kernel headers, that was discussed in my previous post about preparing the complete kernel headers. It’s at a very early stage, does not include many checks, but does the job well, if configured properly. The configuration options are inside the script and they are mainly the directory paths of your building tree.

Note: The script does not allow you to execute it as root. Comment the relevant line if you do not like this behaviour.

Installation: put it in ~/bin/ directory and enable the executable attribute.
Usage: Simply type its filename in a shell.

Version: 0.4beta
Requires: wget, rpm, rpmbuild, sed

Download the script from the link below:


Get my kernel headers script by George Notaras is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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2 responses on “Get my kernel headers script

  1. Henrik Permalink →

    Hmm the script doesn’t work if running on a SMP kernel :-(

  2. George Notaras Post authorPermalink →

    Henrik, probably it is needed to change the filename of the configuration that should be copied and possibly some of the directory paths. What this script does is described in this page:

    Unfortunately, I do not have the time to investigate this. If you modify the script to work with the smp kernel, drop me a line, so I can add it here or add a link to a page of yours where the modified script is hosted.