WordPress… I’m counting on you

This is one of the very few posts that go "off topic", not much though, as this is about WordPress, an excellent open source and widely used blogging platform.

I have finally completed the move from a pure HTML web site to a wordpress weblog. The old links to my articles’ HTML pages still work thanks to some mod_rewrite rules, but I suggest you update any possible bookmarks to match the current permalinks. These are supposed to be permanent. Although the scheme I use is not search engine friendly, I’m gonna keep it.

The customization of the default theme has gone well so far. It’s at a very early stage, but at least it gives me the ability to post articles using the formatting I like. I haven’t devoted much time to the looks of this blog yet, so it might look dull and ordinary, but at this moment other things are of higher priority. I have a do-it-yourself approach and currently do not use any plugins. The WordPress Codex has been my most regularly visited place all this time, as its information is invaluable. Apart from this, if you use wordpress and you are into customizing it yourself, I recommend that you have a look at the files in the includes directory. There are a lot more functions implemented than those presented at the relevant Codex page.

In this post I’d also like to introduce a new category, named WordPress. Nothing is posted there at the moment. I’ll try to post some tips as soon as the customization of the theme stops taking up all my free time.

..and a last thing. I have submitted some of my articles to digg.com, at least those which I believe would help Linux newcomers. This is my digg profile, if you want to check it out. Apart from that, feeling the need to publicly thank some people, who liked my articles and decided on their own initiative to add them to some Linux and technology related major sites, I’ll implement a new section in the article structure, so that I can add my "special thanks" messages to them through a custom field. I think using custom fields has some advantages over including these messages in the main article body. But, here we’re going technical and this is not what this post is about.

WordPress… I’m counting on you!

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