Transifex – How to make progress

Taken from the project homepage:

Transifex is a web-system that facilitates the process of submitting translations in various source control management systems (SCMs).

This project caught my attention right after I read its description, so I would like to write a few words as a non-computer-scientist to its lead developer:

Dimitris, this is a fantastic approach! I have never been a translator myself, by it is quite clear that by simplifying the submission of translations, a non software engineer is no longer required to spend valuable time learning about the SMCs internals in order to contribute an improved translation to a project. At the same time, making the submission of the contribution directly available to the upstream project, thus making it instantly available to the world without restricting it into the narrow boundaries of one linux distribution for an undefined time frame, can only be called “progress“.
Keep up the good work! :)

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    Indeed, but, after giving it a second thought, the projects, which would actually benefit from the contributions being submitted upstream directly, are those in an early/mid stage of development, which would want to absorb every contributed bit immediately. Bigger and more mature projects would most probably prefer to follow’s approach, as its facilities can act as a security and quality controller for the contributions.

    Despite this fact, IMHO the philosophy behind transifex is towards the right direction.