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In the previous post, I had written a few things about my intention to make the full content and not just the summaries of the posts available through the feeds (RSS or Atom). This was a hard decision as I’ve always considered feeds as a medium for notifying readers that the content of the website had been updated. This turned out to be a mistake as nowadays web browsers, when it comes to reading the news, have almost been replaced by software or web-based feed readers. This means that these feed readers are not just a medium for receiving notifications, but the main medium used to read the news.

As I had stated in the past, G-Loaded‘s primary feed is RSS 2.0, so, today, I am pleased to announce that the full G-Loaded Journal’s content will be available through the RSS 2.0 feed. The feed is being made available through the Google Adsense program and is ad-supported like the content on the HTML pages. The full URL to the feed is:

Further customizations are planned for this feed. The time of their implementation is unknown and will depend on my free time during the upcoming weeks/months.

Until further notice, the Atom 1.0 feed will still deliver summaries of the posts and should be used by any web-based feed aggregator which syndicates G-Loaded Journal’s content.

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