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During the last weekend, I made some changes to the website’s feeds. It seems that, after 4 years of blogging, I have finally made up my mind about what is needed and what is unnecessary regarding the syndicated content on G-Loaded.

The first major change is that I no longer use Feedburner for content delivery. I used that service for several months, but, although the delivery of my content was flawless and I was generally 100% satisfied, I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not really need it. Fortunately, I was redirecting my feeds using the 302 (temporary redirect) HTTP code, so the change probably won’t be noticed by you.

The second major change is that all feeds, except the RSS v0.92 feed, are now redirected to the my RSS v2.0 feed. No more Atom feed. No more RDF (RSS v1.0). As I had written in the past, despite my work on WordPress’ old Atom feed, RSS is my preferred feed type. There is nothing wrong with the other formats. I just do not need them. They add nothing to my website, but cause me trouble when I have to do any redirections or other manipulation of the syndicated content. I still consider the Atom format more advanced than RSS 2, but, since RSS was my choice for this blog, I find no reason to change it now.

I understand that redirecting the Atom or RDF feeds to the RSS one might cause some trouble to some feed readers (software). I apologize in advance for any such inconvenience, but this was a necessary change.

The following diagram shows the redirections that take place when any of the website’s feeds is requested:

Feed redirections on G-Loaded.eu

Feed redirections on G-Loaded.eu

Some remarks:

  • No matter which of the RSS2, Atom or RDF format you request, you always get the full content in RSS 2.0 format.
  • If you just want a simple notification about the latest posts, you can select the RSS v0.92 feed. This feed delivers a very small summary of the content.
  • There is a special exception for the Planet Feed Reader, which always gets the Atom feed. The amount of content this feed delivers is variable and is determined by the author of the post (me in this case). This is done using a custom plugin.

Getting the content

Here are the links to the G-Loaded Feeds:

Please feel free to ask your questions or report any issues.

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