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Auto-closing SSH tunnels


In some of my older articles, at least where an SSH tunnel is involved, I keep mentioning a specific way of initializing such an encrypted tunnel, which results in the automatic closure of the tunnel after the job on the remote server is finished. Since this is my method of choice, I decided to provide…

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Write A Man Page

Some links about how to write a man page: Writing man-pages THE LINUX MAN-PAGE-HOWTO Last, but not least: # man 7 groff_man This man page contains all the macros that can be used in a manual page.

Awesome AWK Tutorial

My quest for the best AWK tutorial has reached an end. The Texas A&M University has set up a guide, small in size, but with content of high quality, which can help someone that knows the basics of programming to get started quickly. Of course, there are many other free online high quality guides, but…

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The use of the uppercase X in chmod

I am aware that there are numerous guides about file permissions in linux out there. This post is not intended to be another tutorial. I just wanted to emphasize the use of uppercase X when modifying regular file or directory permissions. This info seems to be missing from most of those guides.

Monitoring a pipe…

It is sometimes needed that you monitor the progress of data through a pipe. After searching around the net, I finally discovered a little terminal-based utility that does exactly that! It’s called Pipe Viewer or just PV. Here is some quick info on how to use this tool.

User management from the command line

This is a short article about the most common practices in user and group management from the command line. The information is specific to Fedora Core and Red Hat based distros, but would do for any distribution probably with slight differences in the command options.

SSH Tunnels Headaches

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I’m writing a VNC mini howto and I got stuck with something. I wanted to do the following with a single command: create the SSH tunnel (local port forwarding) execute vncviewer on the local machine have the SSH tunnel to be automatically closed at the time vncviewer was closed