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A while back I had mentioned dircproxy as a solution for an IRC proxy server. Although dircproxy is good and effective, recently I’ve been reading many positive comments about another similar application, BIP. I hope I find some free time in the next days to give it a shot. Judging by its extensive feature set,…

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Python IRC Bot

One of the things in which I never reached a decent level of knowledge is IRC. I mean I know the basic stuff in order to connect to servers, join channels, send/receive files etc. What I know nothing of is actually IRC server or channel administration… I am not going to learn or write more…

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Auto-closing SSH tunnels


In some of my older articles, at least where an SSH tunnel is involved, I keep mentioning a specific way of initializing such an encrypted tunnel, which results in the automatic closure of the tunnel after the job on the remote server is finished. Since this is my method of choice, I decided to provide…

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Training Videos

I was aware that a non-encrypted VNC session could be recorded and then reproduced, but I had never searched for utilities that could do that job. The recorded sessions can be perfectly used to show others how to accomplish a task and, generally, can serve as excellent training videos. There is a very good HOWTO…

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WordPress Performance

Some months ago, I had a talk on IRC with someone who had created a useful plugin for WordPress, which shows performance related information. The plugin is called Performance Probe. Its output is saved in text files. I had written a quick python script, for demonstration purposes only, that uses performance probe’s output and RRDTool…

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