Awaiting CentOS 6

I feel that the long awaited CentOS 6 will be out soon. This is a very important release for all the things I am involved with and have to do with computers. CentOS 5 was perfect, but I had to maintain several custom builds of RPMs, mainly rebuilds of Fedora RPMs plus some private builds, and also several patches of Python applications which were not compatible with Python 2.4, which ships with CentOS 5. The 6th version of CentOS will eliminate the need to maintain so much custom software. I’ve already downloaded the RHEL 6 Server ISO image from Red Hat and checked it in Virtualbox. I am so satisfied with the quality and features of the 6.X series, that I seriously think I should stick with it for good, even after it reaches EOL. This is something I had been thinking about for the last months. Of course there are some things, like security, I want to examine thoroughly before going that way, but I will post more on this topic in a future post.

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    can you pl share link to download rhel6 from redhat site?

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    Hi. AFAIK, the link is not publicly available, but you will be able to download as soon as you sign up for a free account.