Redmine deployment delayed

I am afraid the deployment of Redmine on will be delayed some more. This is because I am skeptical about using mod_fcgid to run two different kinds of web applications on the same web server. This software is pretty much incomplete when it comes to defining classes of applications and setting limits, like the maximum number of fastcgi processes and the spawning rate of new processes, for each application class. What’s a process manager if you can’t define classes of processes? I also now realize the lack of a standalone, feature-rich and well-documented fastcgi process manager.

I use mod_fcgid to run PHP in fastcgi mode, but I cannot let it run the same amount of Redmine instances as it will bring the server to its knees. Redmine is not a blog. It’s a whole project hosting platform. Each instance will require about 45MB of RAM. I have already experimented with another Apache module that can manage Rails applications, but this will require some extra testing and this is exactly what I am going to do in the following days.

The most unfortunate thing is that I have removed the old platform and, for a couple of weeks now, CodeTRAX serves a 503 Service Unavailable error document, which I consider bad for the website. I hope I find the time to fix this soon.

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