Online analysis of a webpage’s loading time

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes a browser to load your web page across the internet or how this total webpage load time is distributed among the various HTTP requests that are sent to the web server in order to retrieve all the objects, including images, javascript, flash animations, et cetera your page contains? Recently, I’ve been wondering about such things, so I started searching for services that can provide both an estimation of a web page’s load time and also some analysis about how long the retrieval of each of its objects lasts. The one that caught my attention is Pingdom’s Full Page Test. The service can be used free of charge. I guess the visual representation of the web page load time and all the available features are quite satisfactory for a free service.

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    Thanks, this is a very helpful extension, but, ehm, the full page test I mention above seems to be the only realistic solution when the website to be checked is hosted at home, otherwise it is loaded at LAN speeds ;)