Turning off window animations in GNOME

Well, it took me several months, but, finally, I found out how to turn off those animations when minimizing windows in the GNOME desktop. I intended to set Metacity as the window manager in a VNC session to see if it’s usable and accidentally, while checking its options in the configuration editor on my current desktop, it turned out that one of them controlled those window animations. The key is:
If it’s turned on, the animations are completely gone. The change is instant. I wonder why I had never checked Metacity’s settings… this is GNOME’s window manager…
Anyway, by enabling this “reduced_resources” option, I also noticed that, when dragging a window, its contents are invisible and only a window frame is displayed instead. But, I think it isn’t that bad this way.

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    My actual problem was what key to modify rather than how to modify it. But, thanks for posting this info. Some readers might find it very helpful :)