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I’ve written this script so that I can download multiple files of the same type from a web page. The file extension can be defined in a dialog box that appears as soon as the script is run. It uses Lynx to parse the web page for links and Zenity for the dialogs. The desired download manager can be specified in the script. It uses GWget by default. I mainly use this script as an Epiphany action.

Here is a small howto (this assumes that you have the Epiphany-Extensions installed):

  1. In the Actions panel, add a new action
  2. Put anything you like for Name and Description
  3. Put the script’s filename as the command. (if you have placed the script in a directory outside of your PATH, then you have to specify the full path to the script)
  4. Check the box "Applies to: Pages"
  5. Right click on the desired web page (not on links) and select your action.

Installation: put it in ~/bin/ directory or any other directory that is in your PATH and enable the executable attribute.
Usage: select some files and access the script from the right-click menu.

Version: 0.4
Requires: Lynx, Zenity, (GWget)

Download the script from the link below:


Mass download by George Notaras is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Copyright © 2005 - Some Rights Reserved

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