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CloneZilla instead of Partimage

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Until now I have been creating partition images with Partimage, which has never failed. Another very popular tool nowadays is CloneZilla. This software, which happens to include partimage among various other utilities, has wider filesystem support and a better set of features – taking/restoring backups across the network is supported. The fact that this is…

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Featured Epiphany Plugins

My two plugins – extensions – for the Epiphany web browser, Tab-Session-Management and Tab-Links, have been featured on the official Epiphany blog. Thanks Dieguito! ;-) By reading all the entries on the blog, it is quite clear that the people behind this project are very happy to be involved. I assume this is a determinant…

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Mailing List Manager

If you are looking for a lean, mean mailing list manager (MLM), look no further. The software you are looking for is called: the Minimalist. Despite the fact that the Minimalist is just a Perl script with a filesize of 70Kb, it is a full featured MLM which will satisfy almost all users. Do not…

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Next time, come prepared

I had no idea that at the time I was adding a mailing-list manager in the list of software that constitute the infrastructure of the CodeTRAX facility, I also added a factor that would cause serious delay in the preparation of the whole project. But, mailing lists are a mandatory feature of the facility’s notification…

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Transifex – How to make progress

Taken from the project homepage: Transifex is a web-system that facilitates the process of submitting translations in various source control management systems (SCMs). This project caught my attention right after I read its description, so I would like to write a few words as a non-computer-scientist to its lead developer:

bbPress for WordPress

Some of you might have noticed that there have been some changes in the way readers can interact with g-loaded.eu over the last month. Comments and trackbacks are being disabled 20-30 days after the publication of a post, while a new facility, a discussion board, has been set up in order to compensate for the…

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Python Crash Course

If you intend to extend your programming skills by learning the Python programming language, apart from the absolutely perfect official tutorial by Guido van Rossum, consider reading Magnus Lie Hetland’s Instant Python crash course. It’ll help you get started in no time!