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Dictionary Lookups Anywhere

I consider ditionaries, either in printed or electronic form, as one of the most useful sources of valuable information and an indispensable companion when reading. Lately, I’ve been reading lots of stuff, which involved scientific terminology in the English language, so it was very often required to lookup words on various online dictionaries. I did…

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Application Testing: Zero Free Space

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I should clarify from the beginning that this is not a technical article containing any kind of debugging information – I don’t have the knowledge anyway – or any other type of proof that indicates that some commonly used applications have bugs. This is just about some observations, or better an unofficial user report, of…

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Optimize and Compress CSS Files

Usually, when writing or modifying a CSS file, the author adds comments and excessive indentation to the code in order to preserve its readability and to simplify maintenance. Although this might be a good habit, all those extra bits stored into the CSS file increase its filesize, often resulting in unnecessary waste of bandwidth, especially…

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pdf2email CUPS Backend

pdf2email is a CUPS backend that uses GhostScript to print a document to PDF and sends the final file to the user that requested the print via email. This software is written in Python. I had written this backend a few months ago, it has worked fine for me, so I decided to release it.…

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Setting up Subversion and WebSVN

I always wanted to learn how to set up a version control system, especially SVN since everybody tend to move to that system. This howto will illustrate a way to install and configure Subversion and websvn on a Debian server with the following features: multiple repository Subversion access to the repositories via WebDAV (https, https)…

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