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Creating An RSS 2.0 Feed Using cElementTree

I’ve made some progress with the cElementTree Python module. After reading the available documentation and the RSS 2.0 specification, I was able to write a very simplistic RSS 2.0 feed generator in order to demonstrate the usage of this module. There is no such example in the documentation, so this might be useful to someone.

Awesome AWK Tutorial

My quest for the best AWK tutorial has reached an end. The Texas A&M University has set up a guide, small in size, but with content of high quality, which can help someone that knows the basics of programming to get started quickly. Of course, there are many other free online high quality guides, but…

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This is a dictionary protocol server implementation written in Python. I decided to write this stuff just to learn Python. The goal is to create a full-featured dictionary server, while making the retrieval of word definitions from any source and in any language easy. The server is usable and acts as a proper UNIX daemon.