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Posts that deal with various issues with the system services or tutorials about how to accomplish various tasks in systems that are used as servers.

Using SSH for networking

This is mainly a note to myself about two patches, just in case I ever decide to use OpenSSH for networking, in addition to remote administration. First, is the cipler-none patch that adds none as a valid argument to the -c command line option. By using it, the transferred data is not encrypted. Pros: eliminates…

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After having a look at the upcoming stories over at‘s Unix/Linux section, I noticed a reference to an LDAP HOWTO. This article goes in depth describing the LDAP protocol. I didn’t have the time to read it thoroughly, but this is a must read. The author writes: LDAP is a complex subject. This Guide…

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A quick AWstats guide

This guide will help you install and configure AWStats, schedule the parsing of the Apache access log files and use the statistical data to generate web traffic reports. All steps are explained in great detail.