After having a look at the upcoming stories over at digg.com‘s Unix/Linux section, I noticed a reference to an LDAP HOWTO. This article goes in depth describing the LDAP protocol. I didn’t have the time to read it thoroughly, but this is a must read.

The author writes:

LDAP is a complex subject. This Guide was born out of our pathetic attempts to understand LDAP since it promised a veritable nirvana – common source for information, unlimited scalability using a replication model, inherent resilience, fast read performance, fine-grained control over who can do what to what data – the list goes on. Wonderful stuff.

Read the full HOWTO

PS: I consider such tutorials or articles, which describe a technology, as the ultimate news. I wonder why digg.com visitors keep voting for references like “123 reasons to use linux” or “why linux is better than windows” or “CocoLinux is out!” and other similar crap and bring them to the frontpage. Such links offer absolutely nothing.

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