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Posts that describe various programming techniques or contain source code snippets that accomplish specific tasks or solve specific problems.

Maximum URL Length

Normally, such pieces of information as the maximum length of a URL are completely useless. The developers of HTTP server and client software take good care of such details, so that they do not interfere with the user’s browsing experience. Yesterday, while trying to create a CGI version of a script, I realized that the…

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Python IRC Bot

One of the things in which I never reached a decent level of knowledge is IRC. I mean I know the basic stuff in order to connect to servers, join channels, send/receive files etc. What I know nothing of is actually IRC server or channel administration… I am not going to learn or write more…

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pygr2gl – Greek to Greeklish Converter

Inspired by Aggelos greek to greeklish text converter implementation, I decided to write such a text converter in Python. It accepts text either from the stdin or by reading a file specified in the command line. It also auto-detects UTF-8 and ISO8859-7 encodings. Two sample text files are provided in the distribution for testing.

Optimize and Compress CSS Files

Usually, when writing or modifying a CSS file, the author adds comments and excessive indentation to the code in order to preserve its readability and to simplify maintenance. Although this might be a good habit, all those extra bits stored into the CSS file increase its filesize, often resulting in unnecessary waste of bandwidth, especially…

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Setting up Subversion and WebSVN

I always wanted to learn how to set up a version control system, especially SVN since everybody tend to move to that system. This howto will illustrate a way to install and configure Subversion and websvn on a Debian server with the following features: multiple repository Subversion access to the repositories via WebDAV (https, https)…

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