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Creating An RSS 2.0 Feed Using cElementTree

I’ve made some progress with the cElementTree Python module. After reading the available documentation and the RSS 2.0 specification, I was able to write a very simplistic RSS 2.0 feed generator in order to demonstrate the usage of this module. There is no such example in the documentation, so this might be useful to someone.

A Useful Script

While browsing the archives of Raphael Slinckx’ blog, among other very interesting things, I came across a post about a Python script of his, which uploads a text file on the on-line pastebin. A neat script like this proves to be extremely useful sometimes.

More On cElementTree

These pages seem to have all the info someone would need in order to use the Python cElementTree module: The cElementTree Module ElementTree Overview From the benchmark results it is quite clear that this is the fastest XML data parser! PS: I haven’t managed yet to even test it by parsing my own RSS feed…

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Threads In Python

One of the best articles I have read so far about implementing threading support into Python scripts is one that was published over a year ago at the Linux Gazette. I found this document extremely informative and has helped me much: Krishna G Pai writes in his article: When programming, in any language, the capability…

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GUIs For Python Programs

Two months ago, I decided to start learning Python. Although I have spent a significant amount of time with it, I still discover very interesting things I would like to spend even more time with. Here are some links, which I believe could help someone to get started quickly with pyGTK and Glade: PyGTK 2.0…

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Python Crash Course

If you intend to extend your programming skills by learning the Python programming language, apart from the absolutely perfect official tutorial by Guido van Rossum, consider reading Magnus Lie Hetland’s Instant Python crash course. It’ll help you get started in no time!