Evince instead of Adobe Reader in Linux

A few months ago, I had published a praising post about Adobe Reader’s performance and feature set in comparison to Linux’ default PDF reader, Evince (Fedora Core 6 at the time of that older post). Since then, things have changed significantly for Evince in terms of performance, so I, as a user, would be unfair to the project if I didn’t publicly state that Evince has now become my document reader of choice in Linux. It lacks many of Adobe Reader’s features, but, since it loads the pdf pages fast enough, it is good for me. There are also some other things I didn’t like about Adobe Reader. These include a rather “suspicious” and idiotic software updater in the Windows version that tried to hide itself as much as possible while it run and some other things that I am too lazy to write about. I may like Adobe Reader’s features, but I do not like the mentality behind it for sure.

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    How can I edit an Evince doc.?

    1. George Notaras Post authorPermalink →

      Hi, this post had been written long before PDF editing capabilities made their way in Adobe Reader.