Adobe Reader 8 for Linux

I don’t know since when Adobe Reader 8 (8.1.1 actually) has become available for the Linux platform, but, as soon as I found out, I downloaded and installed it in the hope that it will improve the overall poor PDF reading experience. To my surprise, the 8th version of Adobe Reader not only looks and feels like a Linux native application with an excellently re-designed interface, but its performance is also greatly improved. Needless to say that it completely outperforms Evince, so the switch to the new adobe reader was instant. I highly recommend that you download and install Adobe Reader 8, if you care about reading those PDF files.

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2 responses on “Adobe Reader 8 for Linux

  1. Mika Perälä Permalink →

    I would recommend using Foxit Reader instead.

    It’s much, much faster than Adobe reader. Especially on Windows :) Haven’t yet tried it on Linux though.

    Would be fun to see a comparison between AR8 and Foxit on Linux *hint hint* ;)