Epiphany Python Console – Documentation

The availability of good and complete documentation for an API is one of the most important factors in order someone to be able to effectively use that API for application programming. Good API documentation saves time and effort. It provides all the information a developer, either professional or amateur, would need in order to use the best API calls to solve a problem.

Recently, I started messing with the Epiphany browser’s Python console. What I need is to write some extensions for this browser, so that it covers all my needs when browsing the internet. Despite my will to do so, the lack of decent documentation for the available Python bindings is very discouraging. Many of the available functions even lack a simple docstring. As I have already mentioned in earlier posts, I am not a pro coder. Even a very simple extension takes a significant amount of time and effort. Furthermore, even if I finally find a way to solve a problem, I still wonder if that was the best way I could go.

Anyway, this is how it is. For all those who would like to mess around with Epiphany’s Python console, here are the available docs:

These should get you started, but despite the writer’s great effort and contribution, these are not enough for an enthusiast coder. You will still need to search in other extensions’ source code and probably in the Epiphany’s source code too. This is currently the situation and I wish things get better in the future. So, I have decided that, whenever my free time permits it, I will write a post for every new thing I discover in Epiphany’s Python console. Hope this helps someone else out there…

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