Rawhide… at last

Yesterday I finished the upgrade of my main FC4 desktop machine to the development version of Fedora (aka Rawhide). Although, this is not recommended (a proper approach would be to install FC4 cleanly and then upgrade to rawhide), the whole process went well. Actually, many of the installed software was removed and then I had…

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CSS Tutorials

If you ever need help with CSS, consider visiting the following web sites. They contain plenty of information, tutorials and examples. I, as an amateur web designer, have benefited a lot from reading them.

Fedora Core 5 Test 2 Review

It’s been almost two days since Fedora Core 5 Test 2 was released and Madpenguin has come up with a very interesting review. Adam Doxtater writes in his article: So, what do we have to look forward to in Fedora Core 5? Well, I will say this right up front: what I’ve seen so far…

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How to configure and use LIRC

LIRC is basically a small server which can decode or transmit infra-red signals. This is a tutorial about how to set up the LIRC server and how to use it in order to control your system or specific LIRC-enabled applications with a remote control. Examples of simple or more complicated setups are also provided.

Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged

This is a guide to create or restore images of your partitions using the great open source tool Partimage. It provides information on how to do this locally or across the network, by setting up a Partimaged Server. I guess this info is non distribution specific, since we will work from a Rescue environment.

Add-Meta-Tags – Legacy

This plugin adds XHTML META tags to your WordPress blog. Its design is based on the assumption that the WordPress categories are used as tags, so it requires no user configuration in order to work. On the other hand, the latest versions include all those features a SEO-concerned publisher would need in order to have total control over those meta tags.