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More Data Recovery Tools

I have already mentioned two excellent open source data recovery utilities, TestDisk and PhotoRec, in an older post. Today I came across some others; some lists of other tools actually. I didn’t have the time to try any of them, but here is some info and some useful links to get started with.

CD Image Converters

LinuxQuestions.org has set up a wiki page which contains information about utilities that can convert CD images from one format to the other. This compilation will probably be useful to Windows users who occasionally use Linux or have recently migrated to Linux. It is widely known that there are numerous windows utilities that save the…

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How to recover lost files

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Linux com has published an intersting article about recovering data after wiping the hard drive. The author describes a successful attempt to recover his lost photographs and videos by using two GPL tools, TestDisk and PhotoRec. It’s good to know that there are free tools out there that can actually do this job right. I…

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Filesystem Backup Again

Some months ago, I had written a guide about using PartImage to take snapshots of linux partitions either locally or remotely. Some readers had recommended some other tools, as you can see in the comments on that page, since the development of PartImage seems to have stopped (it still works ok for me though). Anyway,…

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Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged

This is a guide to create or restore images of your partitions using the great open source tool Partimage. It provides information on how to do this locally or across the network, by setting up a Partimaged Server. I guess this info is non distribution specific, since we will work from a Rescue environment.