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Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged

This is a guide to create or restore images of your partitions using the great open source tool Partimage. It provides information on how to do this locally or across the network, by setting up a Partimaged Server. I guess this info is non distribution specific, since we will work from a Rescue environment.

Local YUM Repository


Sometimes, especially when you create your own RPMs, it is extremely useful to keep them in a local YUM repository. The advantage of this is that, when you install a package, YUM automatically resolves any dependencies, not only by downloading the necessary packages from the other repositories you might have in you list, but also…

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A different approach…HAL

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I use some custom scripts to store data on my ZIP diskettes. I have a dozen of them and when I insert them into the drive they automatically mount. I like this. The problem is that the mount-point gets its name everytime from the diskette’s label, so I have to make my scripts find out…

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Yesterday I was messing around with UDEV. I own some usb storage devices which are not plugged into my main computer all the time, but only when I need them. In a such situation, the order you plug in the devices has an effect on the way their nodes are created in /dev. For example,…

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