“We’re Linux” Contest Winner Announced

The Linux Foundation has announced the winner of the “We’re Linux” contest: “What does it mean to be free?

I watched this advertisement for the first time some days ago. At first, I had wondered myself: what is this advertisement trying to sell me? Well, hum… freedom?

Now, that I have watched the advertisement a few times, I come to the conclusion that this is a clever advertisement. I don’t claim to be an ad expert, but if you watch it carefully you will notice that the constant use of the mouse pointer in explaining/expressing the freedom one gets by using Linux does indeed make the difference. This advertisement clearly talks about the freedom free software offers in a computer environment. The mouse pointer leaves no room for thoughts about any other kind of freedom the ad might advertise. Regarding free software, this is technically correct.

So, taking into account that the ad is very well made and it sends the message in a clever way, I think it deserves the 1st prize.

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