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Python IRC Bot

One of the things in which I never reached a decent level of knowledge is IRC. I mean I know the basic stuff in order to connect to servers, join channels, send/receive files etc. What I know nothing of is actually IRC server or channel administration… I am not going to learn or write more…

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pygr2gl – Greek to Greeklish Converter

Inspired by Aggelos greek to greeklish text converter implementation, I decided to write such a text converter in Python. It accepts text either from the stdin or by reading a file specified in the command line. It also auto-detects UTF-8 and ISO8859-7 encodings. Two sample text files are provided in the distribution for testing.

pdf2email CUPS Backend

pdf2email is a CUPS backend that uses GhostScript to print a document to PDF and sends the final file to the user that requested the print via email. This software is written in Python. I had written this backend a few months ago, it has worked fine for me, so I decided to release it.…

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