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CloneZilla instead of Partimage

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Until now I have been creating partition images with Partimage, which has never failed. Another very popular tool nowadays is CloneZilla. This software, which happens to include partimage among various other utilities, has wider filesystem support and a better set of features – taking/restoring backups across the network is supported. The fact that this is…

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Mailing List Manager

If you are looking for a lean, mean mailing list manager (MLM), look no further. The software you are looking for is called: the Minimalist. Despite the fact that the Minimalist is just a Perl script with a filesize of 70Kb, it is a full featured MLM which will satisfy almost all users. Do not…

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Server upgraded to Fedora 6

A long time has passed since Fedora 6 was released, many of the initial bugs have been fixed, so I decided to perform an upgrade of the installation on the server that powers this web site. Everything has gone well, despite the fact that a few strange things happened during the upgrade.

RPM and Initscripts compatibility between SUSE and Red Hat Linux

When it comes to business – despite the recent Microsoft-Novell deal -, interoperability and maximum compatibility between two major Linux distributions are of significant importance, as they can lead to less maintenance time, effort, trouble and costs. Having written that, I consider this article, which describes how to create RPM packages and initscripts that are…

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Setting up Subversion and WebSVN

I always wanted to learn how to set up a version control system, especially SVN since everybody tend to move to that system. This howto will illustrate a way to install and configure Subversion and websvn on a Debian server with the following features: multiple repository Subversion access to the repositories via WebDAV (https, https)…

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